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Community Initiatives Program

volunteer of the year

Scott Muzychka
Over the last five years, Scott has dedicated countless hours and priceless talent to building and sustaining this organization.
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HYTES welcomes all support from volunteers. Volunteer support can include:

  • organizing events
  • fundraising activities (garage sales, potlucks, birthday parties, community barbecues)
  • individual donations
  • offering discounts on supplies, printing, materials
  • corporate donations

If you would like to volunteer your time, please send an email to stating your contact information and interests. You are also welcome to phone us at (403) 291-9812.

current volunteer postings

honour roll

HYTES is a 100% volunteer operated organization, and simply would not exist without the tremendous support of our talented and committed volunteers. We would like to recognize these wonderful people for their many contributions, which range from planning fundraising events to editing our newsletter to coordinating penpal projects to actually paying the school fees for HYTES students in their countries!

Thank you so much for helping HYTES help you through educational scholarships.

HYTES Volunteer Honour Roll (in alphabetical order):

Fraser Abbott
Eric Amulaku
Pam Amulaku
Maluk Ayum Kok
Bhakti Behere
Jason Blower
Graciela Boido
Olimpia Boido
Allan Boss
Amy Brathwaite
Ellen Buchan
Guillermo Chen Morales
Erin Collins
Nynne Collins
Nancy Cowle
Mona Csada
Roya Damabi
Jacque Ford
Laura Franceschini
Michael Franceschini
Christina Frangou
Carol Frost
Jenny Frost
Michael Frost
Frederick Fussi
Reg Garratt
Darcy Golden
Marisa Hayden
Lisa Hicks
Nadia Honnet
Bettina Horn
Ami Iaria
Goal Joseph Akong'o
Sylvester Jotta
Tom Julian
Deouse Kanyanta
Alfred Kiwuyo
Kenya Kondo
Jennifer Kuhl
Susan Kumar
Paula Leeds
Tanis Liebreich
Barbara Lutz
Karen Lutz
Carla MacAulay
Cynthia Mate
Winnie Mate
Shannon McClennan
Cam McGregor
Glenna McGregor
Jan McGregor
Julie Moberg
Amanda Moloney
Valar Mu
Scott Muzychka
Amy Peter
Tony Pillo
Raven Plenty
Cindy Pliszka
Harold Pliszka
Jackie Pliszka
Janet Pliszka
Marlene Pliszka
Natasha Prepas-Strobeck
Bilma Reyna
Kathy Steeves
Gina Stokes
Connie Tavender
Kate Tavender
Kirsten van der Meer
Brendan Vaughan
Catherine Wood